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Elite limousine & transfer services


Certainly you were already in a situation, where you had to arrange a transfer for an important client, business partner or a guest. If the reason you need us is lack of time capacity, the absence of a representative fleet or anything else, FLEETIA SHUTTLE is the solution to your problem. Professionalism, flexibility, favourable conditions of cooperation, but above all reliability is the most frequently mentioned reason why clients work with us. We guarantee high quality of delivered services, which clients can easily personalize according to their needs. We have a wide fleet of vehicles and time flexibility that the big players cannot provide.

Let us worry about the executive and if you need to provide chauffeur services, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In FLEETIA SHUTTLE we always go one step forward. In addition to being able to create a tailor-made solution for you, we will relieve you of worrying about mandatory actions. Simplicity is strong, so you only need one phone call or email to successfully resolve your request. Since we realize that time is money, we will not bother you with an infinite executive, and we will gladly take over everything in our power and capacity. So you can spend the time you saved on what’s more important to your business.


Elite limousine & transfer services

Hotel transfer

transfer to or from the hotel

Airport transfer

transfer from or to the airport in Bratislava, Budapest, Prague or Vienna

Point2Point transfer

pick-up or pick-up anywhere in Slovakia

Chauffeur services

chauffeur services company with one or more days

Business transfer

transport to and from corporate events and other events


Elite limousine & transfer services

New fleet

Nearly 30 new upper-class vehicles with comfort equipment

Professional drivers

Training and decent drivers with foreign language skills

High quality

Superior service and reliability

Payment Later

No need to deal with payment in the car, we will invoice your services once they are delivered

One step forward

We provide in-car WiFi, snacks, tablets or a child seat...


We are available 24/7 and we guarantee to solve the request in the shortest time

Our car park

Elite limousine & transfer services

BMW 520D

4 people

BMW 520D

4 people

Class v

8 people


Your only concern is to submit a request. Depending on the degree of urgency, you can choose one of the ways to contact us, either by phone at +421 910 109 609  or by sending an e-mail to rent@fleetiashuttle.sk

From now on, we take over the helm of this task and you can concentrate on other responsibilities.


We offer time flexibility, efficiency, fair conditions of cooperation and dealing with non-standard situations. You can always rely on us in the field of transport security.

For regular use of services or referrals, you will receive a refund bonus or commission.


Diana rajter

From now on, we take over the helm of this task and you can concentrate on other responsibilities.

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